2018-2019 Board

Executive Board
President: Monica Dainer
1st Vice President: Catriona Yeudall
Co-2nd Vice Presidents: Anjela Eubank, Bette Gray, and Thelma Gilchrist,
Secretary: Susan Petersen
Treasurer: Claudia Schmidt

Activities Chair: Connie Dyson and Cathy Jackson (Web Content)
Directory Editor: Vacant. (Interim is Susie Schaeberle)
Fundraiser Co-Chairs: Regena Williamson and Linda McKnight
Historian: Linda Hoogland
Hospitality Chair/Directory Editor: Carole Habegger
Member Roster: Susie Schaeberle
Membership Team Coordinator: Debbie Hopkins
New Member Coordinator: Dee Voels
Newsletter and Outbound Communications: Vacant
Parliamentarians: Susan Salisbury and Bette Gray
Publicity Co-Chairs: Jane Esparra and Val Smith
Raffle Co-Chairs: Diane Evans and Mary Kelly
Reservations Co-Chairs: Kathy Wyatt and Rebecca Lambert
Web & Social Media Manager: Alie Preusser