May I "audition" the Club before I join?  Absolutely YES! You may attend one Welcome Coffee, one Luncheon, and one Activity before we ask you to join us. 
  • To Attend a Welcome Coffee: Click on "Contact Us" drop down list to receive an invitation
  • To Attend a Luncheon: Grab your credit card; click on "Luncheon Reservation" on the right side of the Home Page; click Non- Member Reservations and follow the prompts. Please see things to know about Luncheons below.
  • To Attend an Activity: Click on "Contact Us" drop down list to connect with the Activities Coordinator who will assist you.
What does it cost to attend Club luncheons, Activities, Welcome Coffee?
  • The cost is typically $25 for a luncheon. The specific price will always be posted in the Club’s newsletter and on this website. 
  • There is no charge to attend Activities
  • There is no charge to attend a Welcome Coffee.
What are things to know about Luncheons?
  • Visitors and New Members with reservations are greeted upon arrival and taken "under wing"
  • Luncheons are usually the Third Thursday of the month, September through May.  There is generally one evening event held each year. Members actively attend luncheons in order to socialize with each other; to welcome Visitors and New Members; and to enjoy a wide variety of presentations both professional and just for fun. 
  • Luncheons also serve as business meetings to update the Membership.
What does it cost to join the Club?  Dues are currently $40 per Membership Year.