2022-2023 Charity
Created in January 2014, ReStart Augusta is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that exists to bring beds to children, families, and veterans in our area who do not have furniture on which to sleep. We are driven by volunteers and donors like you.
ReStart Augusta furnishes the foundation for a good start on the day and a healthy life by providing a new or gently used bed and bedding for children, families, and veterans in the Augusta area. With a bed comes a sense of comfort, rest, and peace, and we work together with local volunteers and donors to build up our community and the lives of people who live in it.  
Delivery day is a great day for our ReStart Augusta families. But how do we get there? 
First, a team of volunteers builds queen and twin bedframes and headboards from materials purchased with money from donors. More volunteers paint these beds. We work with local suppliers to purchase mattresses and bedding (again, with donated money!), and we also accept donations of gently used supplies. The recipients of these beds come to us in partnership with other social service organizations--we work closely with the Forces United, local churches, and other support groups--and once a need for bedding has been identified, yet another team of volunteers delivers and sets up these beds for our families. Then, it's back to the warehouse to start the process all over again!
“I’d like to thank all the volunteers that took part in making my bed. I am so happy, I have a bed to sleep on. I am so appreciative.
— E.F., ReStart Augusta Bed Recipient
donated over 2,800 beds--and adding more each week
served over 1,200 Augusta area families
worked with over 300 volunteers
partnered with over 30 local organizations