Throughout the history of Augusta Area Newcomers Club, our reason for being has remained the same: to provide new residents or residents who have made a life change with the opportunity to make new friends and contribute to local charities through fundraising and volunteer opportunities.
Our club has gone through many changes over the past fifty years. It originated in 1971 in Augusta. In 1980 the club affiliated with Southern Hospitality, and chose the name “Augusta Newcomers Club.” At that time, there were 140 members but by 1981 the club membership reached its peak of 300 members.
Bylaw changes in 1984 limited membership to 3 years, after which members were eligible to join an Alumni Club. The bylaws were revised in 1986, however, so that members were once again allowed unlimited years of membership and the Alumni Club was dissolved. Its members were invited to rejoin the Augusta Newcomers Club.
In 2004, the club’s name was changed to Augusta Area Newcomers Club, in order to recognize that membership is open not only to residents of Augusta but also to those residing in the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA).
Today, over 230 members enjoy monthly luncheon meetings and participate in dozens of different activities. It's all about making friends and having fun!
Here's a presentation from our 50th Anniversary celebration which contains some of the highlights from the past 50 years.   Click here.