Our Mission is to help new residents, and those who have had life changes, learn about and enjoy the area; all while providing opportunities to make friends and become involved in social and charitable activities.
News and Events
March Charity Luncheon (1)
Mark your calendar for The March 21st Charity Luncheon to benefit The Droomgoole Family Initiative. We will gather at The Augusta Country Club, 655 Milledge Rd, Augusta. Doors open at 8:30 AM. The Executive Board Nominations presented by the nomination chair at the February Luncheon will be voted on at this meeting. Reservations will close at midnight March 14th. Please note that the cost for this event is $35.
Please check your SPAM Folder Frequently
The benefit of communicating via email with members at the same time unfortunately means that some of your security systems will place our awesome, super fun emails in SPAM. Please check. 
COVID Safety for Our Activities
AANC will follow COVID protocols as specified by the CDC, State and/or local governments, and any venue guidelines for activities at public venues.  Protocols for activities at member's homes will be determined by the host.
AANC and its members are not responsible for your decision to participate in any activities.