Our Activities
BOWLING - A lively league meets every Wednesday.
MEN'S GOLF - Bartram Trail Men's Senior League plays on Tuesday.  Many in this group play on Fridays as well.  And there are opportunities to play on other courses around the CSRA.
LADIES GOLF CLINIC - Held at Jones Creek course.
WALKING - Hit the trails around the CSRA
...and new groups could form at any time...
BUNCO & LUNCH - A great group who meet regularly for lunch and lively play.
CANASTA - Ruthless card sharks going out on each other!  Meets once a month at the Sidetrack Bar & Grill.
COUPLES EUCHRE - Great group that meets one evening a month for pot luck dinner and a fun game.
LADIES EUCHRE - This group gets together once a month to play at one another's homes. And have a lovely brunch.
MAH-JONGG - The group gathers at Earth Fare once a month to slam the tiles.
MEXICAN TRAIN - This group enjoys this lively game of dominoes once a month at Earth Fare.
RUMMIKUB - A fun and easy-going group that plays once a month at the Side Track Bar and Grill.
...Check regularly for new groups playing games...
BOOK CLUB - MORNING COFFEE - This group of avid readers meets once a month in members' homes for coffee and deep discussion.
BOOK CLUB - LUNCHEON LADIES - This other group of avid readers also meets once a month for lunch and book talk.
BOOK CLUB - EVENINGS - Yet a third group of avid readers meets one evening a month for wine, snacks and books.
BOOK CLUB - SOUTHERN LITERATURE - Yes, Newcomers do like to read.  This group meets one morning a month to share their enjoyment of a book about the south or written by a southern author.
GARDENING - This group likes to share experiences and expertise when it comes to all things garden.
TRAVEL GROUP - This group likes travel and likes to talk about it. They meet once a month at a local restaurants or members' homes to enjoy the cuisine and discuss destinations.
KNITTING & CROCHETING - This group meets twice a month at Earth Fare to share projects and learn together.
YOUNG AT ART - This group is for artists of all stripes - and for any others who just love the arts.  They engage in a variety of activities throughout the year.
...and more hobbyists form groups all the time...
CAFE MOMS - This group gets together once a month to share coffee and talk "Mom"...
CAPPUCCINO CLUB - This group meets at various local coffee shops to relax, have good conversation and good brew.
MOVIE GROUP - This group gets together for lunch then a movie once a month.
OUT TO LUNCH BUNCH - And this group gets together just for lunch.  Also once a month.
POP-UP ADVENTURES - These will be explorations and adventures throughout the CSRA which will "pop-up" from time to time during the year.
WINE & APPETIZERS - Members and their significant others get together one evening a month to share wine, appetizers and good conversation.