Luncheon Schedule
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Club members enjoy luncheon meetings typically on the 3rd Thursday of every month from September through May. [One of those may be a dinner meeting.] These meetings are held in various lovely venues throughout the CSRA. At each, members enjoy a delightful meal, an interesting presentation and the company of good friends.  
The cost to attend most daytime meetings is $25.  Reservations may be made on the website the day after the previous luncheon.
The dates for the 2022-2023 luncheons are as follows:
Luncheon and Activity Sign Up          September 15, 2022          Sacred Heart Cultural Center
Luncheon                                        October 20, 2022              TBD
Luncheon                                        November 17. 2022           TBD
Holiday Luncheon and Raffle             December 15, 2022           Sacred Heart Cultural Center
Luncheon                                        January 19. 2023              TBD
Luncheon                                        February 16. 2023             TBD
Luncheon and Charity Fundraiser      March 16, 2023                 Augusta Country Club
Luncheon                                        April 20, 2023                   TBD
Luncheon                                        May 18, 2023                    TBD