Luncheon Schedule
 Club members enjoy luncheon meetings on the 3rd Thursday of every month from September through May. [One of those is a dinner meeting.] These meetings are held in various lovely venues throughout the CSRA. At each, members enjoy a delightful meal, an interesting presentation and the company of good friends.  
Cost to attend is $25. Reservations open the day after the previous luncheon. Reservations close the Thursday prior to the luncheon or dinner.
Mark your calendars with these dates:
September sometime- Savannah Rapids Pavilion - Activity Group Sign-ups. [Make your reservations through Thursday, Sept. 14]
October 19 - Pinnacle Club - Information on Newcomers chosen charity ICare4
[Make your reservations from Friday, Sept. 22 through Thursday, Oct. 12]
November 16 - West Lake Country Club - Annual Fashion Show [provided this year by Talbots]
[Make your reservations from Friday, Oct. 20 through Thursday, Nov. 9]
December 14 - Sacred Heart Cultural Center - Big Christmas Raffle and Time with Friends
[Make your reservations from Friday, Nov. 17 through Thursday, Dec. 7]
January 20 - West Lake Country Club - Our Annual Evening Out (with David Arnold, Comedian)
[Make your reservations from Friday, Dec. 15 through Thursday, Jan. 11]
February 15 - Savannah Rapids Pavilion - Presentation by Karla Mall, professional home stager
[Make your reservations from Sunday, Jan. 21 through Thursday, Feb. 8]
March 15 - Augusta Country Club - Annual Charity Auction, starting at 9:30 a.m.
[Make your reservations from Friday, Feb. 16 through Thursday, March 8]
April 19 - Legends - Erick Montgomery, Executive Director, Historic Augusta
[Make your reservations from Friday, March 16 through Thursday, April 12]
May 17 - Champions Retreat - Dr. Warren Karp on Nutrition for Smarties
[Make your reservations from Friday, April 20 through Thursday, May 10]
More info to come, so check your Club's website regularly.